What do you get when you combine the best parts of Benchmade’s best knives to create one super auto?

You get the Benchmade Mediator.

The Benchmade Mediator is a knife we affectionately refer to as a Frankenstein folder (or Frankenstein’s monster folder for you sticklers).

The Mediator features a 3.3-inch black-coated blade made from premium S90V stainless steel. It uses a reverse tanto blade shape that takes cues from the iconic 940 Osborne. The shape is versatile and unique.

Benchmade also wanted to capture the speed and force of the Infidel’s opening mechanism in the knife, so they made this a side-firing automatic that’s lightning fast.

A safety mechanism locks the blade open or closed to prevent accidents.

With its textured black G-10 scales, the knife is comfortable to hold, highly ergonomic, and takes inspiration from the beloved CLA — Benchmade’s first auto to use G-10.

Finally, at a weight of just 2.89 ounces, the Mediator tries to mimic the lightweight nature of the Bugout.

You wouldn’t think combining the best parts of other knives into one super knife would work, but the Mediator truly is the ultimate EDC auto.