The OTF is a fan-favorite design because it’s so unique with a rich history. Unfortunately, most out-the-front designs are exclusively automatics, which means they’re illegal in many places.

However, there’s an increasing amount of manual OTF knives that skirt the definition of an automatic knife.

One of the best manual OTF knives is the Boker Plus Slike.

This manual OTF is as light as a feather at just 1.27 ounces. Despite its light weight, it features a 2.99-inch dagger blade made from D2 steel.

This EDC knife is new but feels instantly familiar since it works similarly to most utility knife box openers. You push a button down attached to the blade and slide the knife out.

Unlike other OTF knives, there is a detent halfway that makes it a little safer and increases its functionality.

Its very open handle is made from G-10, which helps decrease its overall weight while offering enough texture to keep the Boker Plus Slike in hand.

When you combine the visually striking design with its minimalistic take on the OTF, you get a stunning EDC knife at a competitive price.