Knives often struggle finding a balance between offering something unique or eye-catching and something highly functional. The Cold Steel Ti-Lite Kris manages to perfectly blend the two extremes together.

Way back in 2019, the original Ti-Lite was a Knife of the Week because of its large size and slim design. However, the Kris version takes things to a whole other level.

This Ti-Lite has the same dimensions, including a 6-inch blade, Zytel handle, and impressive reach. What really sets it apart is the blade.

The blade takes inspiration from the asymmetrical Javanese dagger with a wavy edge. The daggers were mostly ceremonial, but they also excelled at self-defense.

The Ti-Lite is also an ultimate self-defense tool. It can open out of the pocket in one swift movement thanks to its Wave-like feature. The long 6-inch blade gives it much-needed reach in close quarters.

This eye-catching blade makes a perfect addition to any collection.

If you like smaller knives, the Ti-Lite Kris is also available with a 4-inch blade.