CRKT Razel | Knife of the Week

Some people say fixed blades don’t make good everyday carry knives. Those people have clearly never seen the CRKT Razel.

The Razel boasts the late great Jon Graham’s innovative blade shape that blends together elements from the chisel and the straight razor to create something strong and utilitarian.

The Razel has a 2.97-inch blade that can cut, scrape, pry, and more. With its D2 steel, you know it’ll be tough as nails. The Razel blade shape has long been one of our most unique blade shapes.

Along with the unique blade shape, the knife has Micarta handle scales that feel great in the hand.

Its gray handle is complemented with red accents that make this knife anything but dull. The butt of the knife also has an exposed tang for hammering and other tasks.

It comes with a sheath that fits directly in the pocket or attached to a belt or boot.

Graham designed this fixed blade to be used in the harsh daily conditions of shop life, which means the CRKT Razel can excel wherever you need.

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