Some people think folding cleavers are simply gimmicks, nothing more than a cash grab by Big Knife. Those people have clearly never had one for an EDC.

The Gerber FlatIron is a perfect example.

The original FlatIron was a Knife of the Week back in 2020 because of its versatile design. But this upgraded version is worthy of a second look.

First, let’s extol the virtues of the cleaver design. The cleaver has a strong point that won’t break even in hard use. It’s also versatile for slicing, chopping, and finer tasks. On top of everything, its blade shape is much less aggressive than others with similar attributes (looking at you tanto!).

The 3.6-inch blade of the FlatIron opens up with a thumb notch and is made from D2 steel, an alloy that’s tough with high wear resistance.


This model also has a dark blue Micarta scale on the front side of the handle with a stainless steel frame on the back. This allows for a strong frame lock while offering enough texture to prevent unwanted slippage.

It comes with a right side tip-up pocket clip. It’s no surprise the Gerber FlatIron is one of the best D2 steel knives.