When it comes to hard-use work autos, there are only a few worthy of consideration like the Gerber 06 Auto and Benchmade Auto Adamas.

Those older models finally get a modern competitor at a much lower price in the Kershaw Launch 16.

The Launch16 is a hard-use automatic knife with a 3.45-inch tanto blade with partial serrations. The blade uses M4 steel, which is one of the toughest alloys around. In fact, this knife is so good we named it one of the best automatic knives.

Its tanto blade profile with black Cerakote coating allows you to use the knife without fear of it breaking during rigorous use.

The aluminum handle with Trac-Tec inserts (the same found on the legendary Blur) provide much-needed texture that keeps the knife in hand whether you’re using gloves or your bare hands.

When you need a hardworking US-made automatic that you can depend on, few match the value and durability of the Kershaw Launch 16.